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Killara 'Fiveways' Uniting Church

Killara in Sydney, Australia

Corner of Arnold Street and Karranga Avenue

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The KUC Book Club meets every third Wednesday in the Stewart Room, from 3pm to about 4:15 pm.

There will be no meeting in December or January.  The next meeting will be on March 21st 2018 at 3 pm.

There will be two books for March.

The first will be "The Wedding Shroud" by Elizabeth Storrs.

In 406 BC, to seal a tenuous truce, the young Roman Caecilia is wedded to Vel Mastarna, an Etruscan nobleman from Veii. Leaving her militaristic homeland, Caecilia is determined to remain true to Roman virtues while living among the sinful Etruscans. But, despite her best intentions, she is seduced by a culture which offers women education, independence, sexual freedom and an empowering religion. 

The second will be "Flesh Wounds" by Richard Glover.

Richard's teens were affected by his dysfunctional family.  His mother ran off with a teacher, and narcisstic, selfish and lacked any affection for her son.  His father was an alcoholic with a persecution complex.  He often ran away to England leaving Richard by himself for several weeks at a time.  Richard was able to overcome these early difficulties to become the well-known author, commentator and broadcaster.

Anyone can come along to these meetings, to voice their opinion or just listen to others as they comment on their reading.

For more details, contact:

  • Lynne Eastwood     9416 4990