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Killara 'Fiveways' Uniting Church

Killara in Sydney, Australia

Corner of Arnold Street and Karranga Avenue

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The KUC Book Club meets every third Wednesday in the Stewart Room, from 3pm to about 4:15 pm.

The next meeting will be on October 17th at 3 pm.

The book for October will be "Demelza" by Winston Graham.

This is the second of four novels in the series written and published in the 1940s and 1950s.  Graham went on to write a further 7 novels in the series.

Ross Poldark is the protagonist of the series. In his autobiography, Graham states that Ross's character was, in part, based upon a fighter pilot he met on a train during World War II. In the first novel in the series, Ross Poldark, he learns upon his return home from the American Revolutionary War that his fiancée, Elizabeth, has given him up for dead and promised to marry his cousin, Francis. Having lost Elizabeth, he marries Demelza, the girl he originally hired as his scullery maid.  Dark and earthy, she is the total opposite of the fragile Elizabeth. The two women are wary but polite towards each other. Demelza shows courage and fierce loyalty to Ross but is somewhat impulsive, causing trouble for both of them.

A copy of the book can be obtained for anyone who wishes to join in the discussion.

Anyone can come along to these meetings, to voice their opinion or just listen to others as they comment on their reading.

For more details, contact:

  • Lynne Eastwood     9416 4990