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The Participating Congregations

  • East Killara Uniting Church
  • Lindfield Uniting Church (comprising the merged congregations of St. David's and Tryon Road)
  • Killara Five Ways Uniting Church
  • Gordon Uniting Church
  • Pymble Uniting Church

History of the Lindara Program

The original program ran independently with assistance from a number of Uniting Church agencies – principally Wesley Mission.

In recent years, this arrangement became impracticable and a new program was commenced in 2006 where Lindara entered into a new joint programme with the Catholic agency Centacare forming the Centacare – Lindara Family Program. In this program, Lindara funds social worker activities provided by staff of Centacare targeting the homelessness issue in our part of Sydney.  [In 2013, Centacare was renamed Catholic Care, consistent with the changes that had been made in other dioceses of the Catholic Church].

This program capitalises on the strengths of Catholic Care in this region and also provides linkages into other services which are available through Catholic Care.

It also brings an ecumenical sense to our community work.

In a finance and administration sense, we are supported by UnitingCare who process all donations and process all payments on our behalf.

What we do

Currently Lindara is supporting a full time experienced social worker who operates from the Catholic Care Waitara Family Centre located at Waitara in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

Based on referrals from Government, church and other agencies, the Catholic Care – Lindara worker provides support as necessary to families who are either in extreme distress or who are already homeless.

Through this direct support, we provide assistance, counselling, education, reference to other government services and assistance in the provision of housing either through the Catholic Care Temporary Supported Accommodation arrangements or through other sources.

In addition to the direct social worker support, a series of work group activities bring a stronger element of community support to the program seeking to give members of the community assistance to prevent, or better manage, the situations which lead to extreme family distress and homelessness.

How we are funded

Broadly, Lindara has benefited from two activities of the five congregations.

Historically, the Lindara Markets, a community activity somewhat reminiscent of the old style school or church fete has operated in the area and provided a significant contribution to the running of Lindara activities. A new Committee was formed in 2010 and the Markets continue to bring in significant sums.

The predominant source of funding is from the individual members of the supporting congregations. Through a two-year planned giving process, individual members of these congregations make either one-off or committed regular donations to Lindara.

Periodic payments can be arranged direct from a bank account or by credit card. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Other fund raising activities such as theatre nights are undertaken from time to time with proceedings being donated to Lindara. Various school and social clubs have also made donations.

Making a Donation

Donations by cheque can be made at any time either by mail to our post office box below or directly to:

Uniting Care NSW ACT - Lindara Family Program
Attention ; Accounts Receivable
Locked Bag 5013

We welcome people who would like to join our planned giving arrangements. We will send you the appropriate form if you send us your details to any of the contacts below, or to any of the church offices.  Alternatively you can bring up the form in your browser, and print it from there.

To print the Commitment Form, click here.

Contact us

You can make contact with us through any of the churches, by email to or by post to:

P O Box 345 KILLARA NSW 2071

If you would like more information about LINDARA and our important community care, please contact us at the above addresses.

The Lindara Family Program was instigated in 1987, the "International Year of Shelter for the Homeless". A number of parishioners decided to do something to address the plight of people living nearby in our municipality (and those adjacent to ours), who were having difficulty in finding adequate housing.

The sponsoring congregations of the Lindara Program are:

The Lindara program was an initiative of the members of the four Uniting Church congregations in the Lindfield and Killara suburbs on Sydney’s North Shore. It is focused on providing assistance to those in our community – particularly families with young children – who are homeless or at risk for various reasons of becoming homeless.

Following discussions which commenced in 2012, two additional Uniting Church congregations – those at Gordon and Pymble have recently joined the program.