Music at Killara
Music at Killara
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Killara 'Fiveways' Uniting Church

Killara in Sydney, Australia

Corner of Arnold Street and Karranga Avenue

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Our Music Program was previously lead by our Organist Lorna Buining, who has now retired.  We are seeking a new organist (or organists) to lead our worship.  We will have various visiting organists or pianists to lead us in the meantime.  

On special occasions we have a congregational "Killara Chorale" which provides an opportunity for singers in the congregation to join together in a choir at Christmas Time and the like.

Killara Chorale

The Chorale presented several items on Sunday 18th December under the capable guidance of Paul Wait.  Keep an eye on this spot for future events.

  All voices are welcome in the Chorale.